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Darren Yaw Foo Hoe has lived in Cambodia for 40 years. He and his wife started a real estate company and has been selling real estate since. Because of their real estate experience, they offer a special talent for site selection, permitting, redecorating, and any other questions their clients might have. Darren Yaw and his wife have invested in the country with rental property and commercial real estate.

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How it works

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s team built a platform that allows anyone to connect with talented and trusted tutors and seamlessly book and manage their lessons in just a few years.

Take a deep dive and browse apartments and homes for sales and rents, original neighbourhood photos, resident reviews and local insights to find the perfect home for you. Darren Yaw is here to make your search for home easier to unlock your next chapter in life.

Expert real estate agents

Darren Yaw provides broad real estate counselling by focusing on the needs of our clients and offering unique solutions for each individual. His friendly and attentive team of professional real estate brokers and negotiators specialises in property acquisition and sales, new property launches, and property leasing.

Testimonials from our clients

Darren Yaw is an excellent realtor who takes the time to understand his customers' goals and then locates the greatest houses to fit those needs. He not only found us a fantastic location to live, but he also guided us through the entire process. He's competent, kind, and dependable.

Marco Reis

Darren Yaw assisted me in settling down in Cambodia with a high-quality apartment. It was a delight to meet such a kind and helpful broker. He is a trustworthy, open, and kind individual.

Ngy Isabella

Darren Yaw is one of those uncommon individuals that leave an indelible impact. His accessible demeanour and winning attitude put us at ease right away. Finding the proper area to live in is difficult, especially if you are still abroad. Darren Yaw, on the other hand, made it all look so easy.

Koen Muang

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